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Zi Wei Dou Shu Software - Sample Output

A5 Emperor Star : 1, Life Palace : 5


The Treasury Star and the Wicked Star shine in the Life Palace. You are a mild-tempered person. You are learned and have good taste. If the fortunate stars shine in this and related palaces, you will be a very successful person. The conservative Treasury Star can be freed from this "Heaven Web" Palace when the Wicked Star transforms into Annoyance. You will then have spectacular achievement but in the meantime you will be annoyed by litigation and gossip. If the Star of Abundance or the transformed Star of Prosperity is found in a related palace, you will be very rich. If none of these two stars is in the Life Palace or the related palaces, you are only good at financial management and you are not rich yourself. Furthermore, if the Fiery Star, the Siren Star, the Worrisome Star or the Troublesome Star is found in this or a related palace, you will be desperate in making money, by hook or by crook. The more such stars are found, the more desperate you will be.


You can be an engineer, an architect, or a technician. If the Intelligence Star and one or more of the Wedding Star, the Birth Star and the Star of Romance are in the Career Palace, you can do well in show business. The Finance Star in this palace indicates that you have special skill in a certain field to make a living. If the transformed Prosperity Star is in the Properties Palace, your achievement in career will be spectacular.


You have good income but you cannot save much money. Unless you can find the Star of Abundance in the Wealth Palace or a related palace, or the Finance Star transforming to become the Star of Prosperity, you should not aim at getting rich. You should work hard for a healthy and meaningful life.


It is unlucky to have the Ruinous Star in the Marriage Palace. You and your spouse both try to dominate each other ending in separation. If the Finance Star in the opposite palace transforms to become the Annoyance Star, and the Worrisome or the Troublesome Star is in a palace related to the Marriage Palace, divorce is inevitable.


You have a lot of friends and you enjoy attending parties, drinking and dancing. If the Intellect Star or the Intelligence Star is in the Happiness Palace, you have good taste in fine Arts.

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