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Qi Men Dun Jia Correspondence Course

The Curriculum

QMDJ is the study of qi in the Universe as the Taiji. It is the study of the interaction of qi with a confined space as the small Taiji and the Universe as the big Taiji. It is also the study of the interaction of qi with the individual as the small Taiji and the Universe as the big Taiji.

The tools we use are numbers (Shu) and the five elements (Wu Xing). Qi Men Dun Jia is a multi-dimensional analysis of qi and signal. We have to deal with:

Heaven - Nine Stars
Earth - Ba Gua
Man - Eight Doors

San Cai (Heaven, Earth, Man) are integrated into a multi-dimensional space formed by space (Luo Shu), time (24 Jie-Qi), spirits (Nine Spirits). Through the image and the strengths of elements, we can analyze the situation with respect to direction, timing, actions and interactions so as to find out the way of handling human affairs.

Warning: It is Challenging

It is by far the most complicated subject in Chinese Metaphysics. A QMDJ chart consists of many layers with each layer reacting in a different way. The complete picture is like the many facets of a piece of diamond.

Who Should Not Take this Course?

Those who expect to learn formulas to apply to win the lottery;

Those who want to learn how to apply formulas without understanding the formulas themselves;

Those who want to learn how to create and use talismans to perform magic;

Those who want to use QMDJ to harm others.

How it is Conducted

The lessons are recorded and students are given the links to download these ebooks. A restricted Google group will be for discussion of course work and share of practical experience.

Joseph Yu Qi Men Dun Jia
Students are invited to visit this group.



Download sample pages

Please download the little ebook with sample pages of the QMDJ Handbook and online seminars.

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