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A Real Life Success Story

It is quite true that a teacher is not good until his students are proven successful. The series of success stories is, in a way, a showcase that I proudly present to the world.

Margit started learning Feng Shui by reading a book. She tried to use the methods introduced by the book without much improvement. Then one day, her husband Peter found my website and enrolled for her to attend my 4 day Feng Shui Seminar in Niagara Falls in November 1998. After the first day, she called her husband with excitement, "Now I can throw that Feng Shui book away."

After the seminar, Margit enrolled in all the three levels of the correspondence course. She repeated the seminar in March 1999 in Niagara getting more insight. All along she has been asking a lot of good questions and showed talents in learning. Her postings to the mailing list gave people an impression of someone who has been practicing for years.

In Spring, 1999, her family started implementing her Feng Shui cures in the Lake Obabika Lodge, a family business to provide chalets for vacationists. What did she accomplish?

  1. The business started 9 years ago and it has been lackluster. The front door has double 7 supported by the lake and distant mountains. The office is in the NE with 5-9 and the entrance to the office is in the East with 9-5. She opened a door to the office within the double 7 section to tap in the good energy from the facing palace. It is just simple as that. According to Peter, three days after the new entrance to the office was in use, the telephone never stopped and the entire summer was fully booked. This is something that has never happened in the previous years.

  2. Peter and Margit have a young daughter Sarah, who sleep-walks. After applying ingenious Feng Shui cures in her bedroom, she stopped sleep-walking.

  3. Peter has sleeping problems. After the appropriate things done in the bedroom, he sleeps very well now.

Feng Shui did not make Peter and Margit billionaires (at least not yet). I feel that it is a much better story than the creation of a billionaire.

A pond in the SW brings new business

Big water and mountain beyond water supports the Double 7 at the facing

The use of creepers to raise the qi bringing in life to the Dining Room

Margit is now practicing Feng Shui. Explore more from her website Lake Obabika Lodge.

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