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FSRC Professional Lecturers

Professional Lecturers are granted a certicate to teach specified courses. The certificate is valid only when it appears on this webpage. Please click on the certificate to view details. Please contact the lecturer for class information.



Jodi Brunner, Australia
Email: jodi@fengshuinetwork.net
Website: www.fsrc.com.au

George Bennis, Australia
Email: courses@thefengshuiadvantage.com
Website: thefengshuiadvantage.com


Conny Racher, Austria
Email: conny.racher@aon.at
Website: www.klassisches-fengshui.at


Aline Mendes, Brazil
Email: aline@alinemendes.com.br
Website: www.fsrc.com.br


Teresa Hwang, Canada
Email: fengshui@teresahwang.com
Website: www.teresahwang.com

Gayle Smith, Canada
Email: gayle@fengshuirealestate.ca
Website: www.fengshuirealestate.ca

Samantha Plovie, Canada
Email: samantha@chisolutions.ca
Website: www.chisolutions.ca


Vania Yotova, Chile
Email: fengshui@medicinachina.cl
Website: www.classic-fengshui.cl

Lucia Boero, Chile
Email: lboero@terra.cl

Pamela Moya, Chile
Email: pammoya@gmail.com
Website: codigodevida.wordpress.com


Paivi Vilkki, Finland
Email: ivilkki@pp.htv.fi
Website: fsrc.tk


Marie-Pierre Dillenseger, France
Email: mpdillenseger@gmail.com
Website: www.powerspaces.com

Isabelle Sengel, France
Email: isabelle.sengel@free.fr
Website: www.isabelle-sengel.com

Michaël Lacroix, France
Email: michael.lacroix@paris-fengshui.com
Website: www.Paris-Fengshui.com

Stéphanie Gelbart, France
Email: sgelbart@chema.fr
Website: www.chema.fr


Vasso Anagnostopoulou, Greece
Email: fengshui@otenet.gr
Website: www.fsrc.gr

Takis Karagiannopoulos, Greece
Email: fsrc@astrofengshui.gr
Website: www.astrofengshui.gr

Theofanis Chazakis,
Email: fengshui@tellas.gr
Website: www.fengshuipower.gr


Marianna Halassy, Hungary
Email: mariannahalassy@roadrunner.com
Website: www.chicreativehealinginstitute.com


Marina Shulman, Israel
Email: marina@fsrc.co.il
Website: www.fsrc.co.il

Yona Faust, Israel
Email: yona.faust@gmail.com


Eduardo Hess, Italy
Email: edufengshui@gmail.com

Silvia Sacchi, Italy
Email: sil.sacchi@libero.it
Website: www.timespace.it

Vittoria Vitale, Italy
Email: ventoeacqua@gmail.com
Website: www.fengshuivitale.it

Paola Lipsi, Italy
Email: paola.lipsi@gmail.com

Pasquale Fonte, Italy
Email: pasfon@gmail.com
Website: www.pasqualefonte.it

Omar Discepoli, Italy
Email: info@fengshuienaturopatia.it
Website: www.fengshuienaturopatia.it


Tatiana Tobar, Panama
Email: ttobar@fsrcpanama.com


Malgorzata Bladek, Poland
Email: mbladek@tradfs.com


Milana Minaeva, Russia
Email: fsrc@milana.ru
Website: www.fsrc.ru

Olga Fazilova, Russia
Email: goldfaza@yandex.ru
Website: www.panakeia.ru

Alexander Kradenov, Russia
Email: astro-fengshui@yandex.ru

Janna Shashkova, Russia
Email: [5182147@rambler.ru

South Africa

Antoinette Pedro, South Africa
Email: info@traditionalfengshui.co.za
Website: www.traditionalfengshui.co.za

Elaine Hosiassohn, South Africa
Email: fengshui@info-sa.co.za
Website: www.fengshuidynamics.co.za


Olga Garcia, Spain
Email: OG@fengshuiartcenter.com
Website: www.fengshuiartcenter.com


Vicky Moane, United Arab Emirates
Email: moane@emirates.net.ae
Website: www.fengshuiresearchcentre-uae.com


Ting-Foon Chik, UK
Email: foon.chik@googlemail.com
Website: www.fengshuibritain.co.uk

Kate Burns, UK
Email: kate_burns@btconnect.com


Judy Morris, USA
Email: judy@FSRC.net
Website: www.fsrc.net

Monica Hess, USA
Email: monicahess@monicahess.com
Website: www.monicahess.com

Meihwa Lin, USA
Email: meihwa@meihwalin.com
Website: www.meihwalin.com

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