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Destiny Stars ebook

"Destiny Stars", the e-book by Master Joseph Yu and Ting-Foon Chik, a translation into English of the ancient Chinese classic 'Ghost Valley Art of Life Reading', is available to buy on-line now.

On Sale Now "Destiny Stars" ebook

Download the sample "Destiny Stars" ebook here.

By Master Joseph Yu and Ting-Foon Chik   

Click here to download the full version of "Destiny Stars" ebook. 
To read the ebook you need to obtain a password after making payment. 

Price in US$ is 45 USD  and you need to click here to visit Master Yu's online shop to make payment and obtain password.
If you prefer to pay in pounds, price is 30 GBP, and you purchase it from the the on-line shop on Foon's website, click here to buy.

The "Destiny Stars" ebook is the English translation of the classic 鬼谷子算命術, Gui Gu Zi Suan Ming Shu, "Ghost Valley Art of Life Reading". 

If you want to get a flavour of what the Ebook is about before you buy, you can  Click here to download a sample of the "Destiny Stars" Ebook, and go to the secton that describes the sample at the end of the page.  

Who was Master Ghost Valley (Gui Gu Zi)?

Master Ghost Valley was the name given to Wang Xu who was an ancient Chinese philosopher. The name Master Ghost Valley came about because he lived as a hermit in a place called Ghost Valley. He is a slightly mysterious character who lived during the the Warring States era (475-221 BC). Master Ghost Valley wrote books on military and political strategy as well as his famous "Ghost Valley Art of Life Reading". His classic books have been passed down over time and are now over 2,500 years old. It was rumoured that Master Ghost Valley lived a very long life and his name also crops up as one of the Taoist Immortals. 

What is the "Ghost Valley Art of Life Reading"

Master Ghost Valley devised a system of life readings based on a person's year and hour of birth. In his Art of Life Reading,  there are one hundred different readings which are assigned a numeral from 1 to 100.  Each of the life readings was written as a set of cryptic verses and it took many hundreds of years before people realised that the verses were life readings.

The numeral depends on the year stem and the hour stem of what is now known as a Four Pillars Chart. Under each numeral there are three stars, which each give a reading. The name for the book was inspired by these stars which is why we called the book Destiny Stars.

What is in the Destiny Stars Ebook?

The ebook comprises 14 chapters, which when printed out on A4 or standard letter paper is over 218 pages long. You can see the table of contents when you download a copy of the free sample ebook .

There is software embedded in the book, which means you can input the birth details and jump straight to the relevant life reading.  Each of the 100 life readings in the original classic comprised luck verses written in Chinese poetry. True to the spirit of the classic, the life readings in the "Destiny Stars" ebook are translated into luck verses as English poems. We sought to capture as much of the beauty of the artistically written poems as possible, therefore, the translated poems often remain cryptic.

Over the centuries, the life readings written by Master Ghost Valley have provided much entertainment in moonlit tea gardens as people discussed the meanings of the predictions and the accuracy based on their own lives. Now you can do the same when you get your own copy of the e-book.

Click here to download the "Destiny Stars" ebook, then purchase for £30 or  US$45

To make this exciting way of predicting your luck with the "Destiny Stars" accessible to the mainstream, the e-book will be followed by the publication, in paperback, of a modern version of the "Destiny Stars", later this year. We have made the translation in the modern version, relevant to the context of today's lifestyle and solved some of the cryptic clues. Yet, the readings are still written as poems.  Buy the classical "Destiny Stars" e-book to open your mind to another way of doing life readings, then buy the modern "Destiny Stars" paperback, when it is available later this year, to see how the man (or woman) on the street can make simple use of this ancient wisdom.


More About "Destiny Stars" 

One day at the Feng Shui Research Centre, Master Yu and Foon were talking about how the Full Chinese Natal Astrology Chart, known as the Four Pillars of Destiny, can give very accurate readings when interpreted by a skilled Chinese Astrologer. 

Then Master Yu, said "You don't need to have the four pillars chart to do a life reading"

"Well, there are many ways of doing readings" Foon said "but astrology can give long-term forecasts"

"If you have just the year and time of birth, you can use the ancient classic of the destiny stars by Gui Gu Zi" Master Yu added and pulled out an old copy of a book and started reciting poetry.

The idea of bringing "Destiny Stars" to print in English was born. A quick and easy way of sharing the Chinese secrets of making life choices based on your luck, just like the secrets of politics in the Art of War.

Click here to download the "Destiny Stars" ebook, then purchase for £30 or  US$45 .

The DIY astrology of the Destiny Stars is based on your year and hour of birth. It is so easy to find which stars you were born under and how they influence your fate and fortune. Background, career success, romance and marriage, children, and what you can reap in life, as predicted by Master Ghost Valley, is all revealed in the ebook. 

In the "Destiny Stars" e-book, the enigmatic spirit of the ancient classic has been retained by translating the original Chinese poetry into English poems, which are still rich in references to Chinese history and culture. This classical translation will appeal to you if you are an aficionado of Chinese metaphysics, philosophy or culture and you want to get as close as you can to the classic in English.


Who Should Buy this Ebook?

Advanced students of Chinese Metaphysics, especially practitioners of Ba Zi (Four PIllars of Destiny) and Zi Wei Dou Shu, will find this ebook useful as a supplement in doing readings, or as a standalone ebook for deepening studies.

If you are a professional astrologer offering life readings using the Four Pillars or Zi Wei Dou Shu, the Destiny Stars adds an extra source of inspiration to the readings for your clients. The Destiny Stars can give you an instant overview of how life and luck can pan out according to the ancient wisdom of Master Gost Valley. In some circumstances, it can be another source for to assist your intuition when there is some doubt over the birth hour.  What's more the software embedded in the e-book enables you to pull up a reading for a client in a matter of seconds, quick and easy.

Click here to download the "Destiny Stars" ebook, then purchase for £30 or  US$45 .

 Free Sample of  "Destiny Stars"  

Although Master Ghost Valley's classic has been around for many centuries, it is the first time it is being brought to the English speaking world as a book. Therefore, if you wish to get a flavour of what the book is about, you can download the following sample e-book.

Click here to download Sample of Destiny Stars Ebook.

Once you have opened the ebook, you will see the table of contents of the complete book, use the blue arrows at the top of the page next to 'Index' to scroll through the following sample sections: 

(1)    Preface
(2)    Original Foreword
(3)    Chapter 2, the in-built software with Margaret Thatcher's chart
(4)    Numeral 17 as directed by Margaret Thatcher's chart
(5)    Links to the on-line stores to purchase the complete ebook.  



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