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Joseph Yu's Luopan.

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This luopan is designed by Joseph Yu suitable for Xuan Kong Feng Shui practitioners.

Jodi Brunner has been given the right to sell these luopans. Please go to her website to order one.

Buyer Comments

I received 'Joseph Yu's Luo Pan', FSRC, a few days ago, all I can say is "Wow"!!!

Actually I could say more: Here goes: My top 8 favourite features about Luo Pan: (some of the information below may be true for most larger Luo Pans, but I believe this compass may have some additional helpful features that others may lack. i.e., globally accessible, Chinese characters, western alphabet, and Arabic numeric).

8. Its beauty and clarity.

7. Protective casing. Waterproof, thick, cushioned, perfectly fitted cover for safe-keeping. Dark-navy with convenient handle. Easy-to-open, well-gripping Velcro, ---just in case you're feeling rushed :~).

6. It will impress you and your clients. Classic black, red, and gold styling, square platform for Earth, round dial for Heaven. Chinese characters are bountiful along with Luo Shu diagrams, yin/yang trigrams, and hexagrams.

5. Inscriptions easy to read. No squinting, our counting fine lines, some may be able to toss their reading, and magnifying glasses aside.

4. Balances in the left palm of your hand perfectly. It stays put as you walk from one spot to the other, leaving your other hand free for expression and pointing. "Lefty's" may prefer right palm :~).

3. Lo Pan has wide span, making it easy to visualize the lay of compass directions. ---- as you transfer from the center of the house to the center of the rooms.

2. Has the Pin Yin names for the 24 mountains. Also has the 3 mountains for each trigram, but (imho), the branches and stems have more powerful imagery than the 3 mountains. Yin, the Tiger at my entry door is much easier to remember than NE3. Also the image of peach blossoms such as You-Mao, rooster-rabbit, W2-E2, is a quicker reference as well --- to find on the compass, and then to spot its location in the house or bldg.

1. Compass needle steady, very steady. You don't have to wait for the compass to readjust itself, it's there for the taking, the feeling of accuracy makes you feel very secure with your readings, no second guessing on-site, or last minute thoughts as you doze off in bed for the night. :~)

This review was written entirely by my own volition and inspiration. I was not influence by fellow practitioners, associates from FSRC, or its founder Joseph Yu.

El King, Massachusetts, USA

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